The shattered worlds of Standish O'Grady

An Irish life in writing

Christopher Boettcher

Hardback €49.50
Catalogue Price: €55.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-785-3
June 2019. 208pp.

 “The Shattered Worlds of Standish O’Grady is an original and thorough work of research that portrays O’Grady from an intersectional perspective, combining his writing career and the nation’s past and present life. The abundant material in the book shows the width and depth of the author’s engagement with O’Grady’s publications, ranging from short essays and pamphlets to books and novels. Overall, this is an excellent work on discussions over this important literary figure who attempted to influence Irish society through his writings. The book will be of interest to anyone who enjoys researching literary networks as well as Irish literary and social history. Boettcher has presented us with a sophisticated, prolific, and committed life of an inspirational Irish writer, thus successfully adding fresh perspectives to the study of Irish literary legacy”. Zhuodan Yao, Irish Studies Review 29:4

"tightly written and well-researched", Proinsias Ó Drisceoil, Dublin Review of Books (July 2019).