Sport and leisure in the Irish and British country house

Terence Dooley & Christopher Ridgway, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-806-5
November 2019. 320pp; ills.

Marmosets and mynah birds: exotica and other pets at Nostell, c.1759–1806
Kerry Bristol 

Edith Somerville and the West Carbery Hunt, 1903–19
Laura Servilan Brown 

‘U is for Union, the name of our hunt’: the South Union Hunt in the lives of the south Cork gentry
Fergal Browne 

Travel, recreation and hospitality: the Richards and Orpen families, 1860–1960
Philip Bull 

Horse racing and the country house
Oliver Cox 

'Aquatic gentlemen …’: the sport and status of sailing in the gentry’s world from the 1830s to the 1920s
Ian d’Alton 

The Big House, aristocracy, and golf in Ireland, c.1890–1921
Terence Dooley 

Harry Worcester Smith and the Westmeath Hunt: a curious experiment
Eugene Dunne 

Banishing ennui, blue devils and thoughts of bad potatoes: the country house and sport and leisure during the Great Famine
Brian Griffin 

Cricket, Gaelic football and the Big House: the Avondale perspective
Tom Hunt 

Hill of Tarvit
Antonia Laurence-Allen 

A sporting politician: George Wyndham (1863–1913)
Tony McCarthy 

Lady Castletown’s scrapbook: making memories for leisure
Maeve O’Riordan 

‘Ill-gotten acres’: the GAA and the Irish country house
Ciarán Reilly 

Keepers, pheasants, poachers, religion and politics: the Rhiwlas estate, Bala, Wales
Einion Wyn Thomas 

Sport on the wall: the nineteenth-century boom in sporting taxidermy
Annie Tindley 

Open spaces, the landed classes and the Boy Scouts, 1908–39
Allen Warren 

Amateur astronomy in the nineteenth-century Irish country house: the observatory at Monksgrange, Co. Wexford
Lesley Whiteside