More than concrete blocks: vol. II, 1940–72

Dublin city's twentieth-century buildings and their stories

Ellen Rowley, editor

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ISBN: 978-1-902703-45-9
December 2018. 480pp; full colour.

"The publication of the second volume of More Than Concrete Blocks will be welcomed by the many readers who enjoyed its predecessor. This must have guide to Dublin’s twentieth-century buildings is an enlightening and worthwhile read. This hefty tome offers great value for its relatively modest price tag. Some thirty-eight separate sites are examined in depth in the thirty-six case studies. This is a very attractive production which uses both archive images and new photography to excellent effect. It is a testament to the authors and editor that this work remains eminently accessible to the general reader while being academically rigorous … This makes for a fascinating read, as the meticulous research evident in this book reveals the complex stories of buildings about which, in most cases, little was previously known ... More Than Concrete Blocks, volume 2, more than fulfills its aim of compiling a representation of architectural production and culture, in order “to present something of the breadth and typicality of Dublin’s built stock from 1940 to the early 1970s” … Ellen Rowley, Charles Duggan and the research team (Merlo Kelly, Natalie de Róiste, Shane O’Toole, Carole Pollard and photographer Paul Tierney) have rendered an enormous service to anyone who loves Dublin. This is a book which should be on the shelf of every home in the city." Ruth McManus (Irish Literary Supplement. Fall 2020)

'An addictively engaging compendium of all our yesterdays – and our here and now. It charts not just the buildings of 1940 to 1972, but the growth of modern Ireland itself, expressed through bricks and mortar, steel and concrete, cork and asphalt, teak and terrazzo ... This book is a timely wake-up call for an urgent re-evaluation of what we need to protect, and what we need to let go, from this contested era of our nation's recent past', Graham Hickey, The Sunday Times (Mar. 2019).

'An extraordinary catalogue of mid-20th century architectural triumphs ... The weighty second volume of More than concrete blocks, covering 1940 to 1972, is another easily accessible treasure trove of information about Dublin's architectural heritage, full of illuminating details on buildings of great merit that we too often take for granted or don't even notice ... A masterful piece of work by some of our finest architectural historians', Frank McDonald, Irish Arts Review (Summer 2019).