Lady Butler

War artist and traveller, 1846–1933

Catherine Wynne

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-649-8
March 2019. 288pp; large format, colour illustrations

'[An] engaging biography of one of Victorian Britain’s most spectacularly forgotten artists ... this is a history book as much as an artist biography, and Wynne takes an intelligent look at aspects of British colonialism and the gendered nature of Victorian society, as well as telling the story of one woman’s life. The author draws on a cast of real-life characters who wrote letters, kept journals and published their travel writing and autobiographies. Elizabeth comes alive between the pages, often in her own words ... Wynne’s skill is to anchor Elizabeth Butler in her own time, while allowing us to see and read her achievements, ambitions and particular skill through 21st-century eyes. Elizabeth’s paintings tend to be uplifting, despite their grim subject matter. She finds heroes to show us, and this book contains colour illustrations. Wynne’s descriptions and interpretations are insightful, informed and nuanced ... Lady Butler lived a life of travel, passion and strong opinion. She also produced some enduringly remarkable paintings. Wynne argues that she “should be better known and celebrated. The time has come for her to have her place." This book presents a persuasive argument that she deserves it',