Irish houses and castles, 1400–1740

Rolf Loeber

Hardback €49.50
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-820-1
October 2019. 332pp; large format, illustrations

'Rolf Loeber was a scholar of rare distinction ... His death in 2017 deprived Irish scholarship of one its greatest stars ... Four Courts Press have done his memory proud with this very fine volume.' Current Archaeology (March 2020).


'This publication features one hundred maps, plans, illustrations and tables ... The end result is a uniformity of presentation and high production standards typical of FCP. This brings new life to articles written as far back as 1973, often out of print or difficult to access. The content of the chapters remain inviolate, and this was the chief goal of the editors and publishers; to bring Rolf's work to the attention [sic] new generation of scholars.' - Matthew Stout, Group for the study of Irish Historic Settlement Newsletter, (2019).


'Rolf Loeber had many friends and admirers in Ireland. He was deservedly widely respected; indeed, more than that, he was held in awe by many for the breadth and originality of his scholarship and for the thoroughness of his approach. This book is an edited version of six of his diverse repertoire of publications .. this book abounds with interest and is also very well presented. The editors and publisher have created an exceptionally coherent- indeed, compelling- book that adds value to the multiple contributors of Rolf Loeber to Irish architectural history. Important research that ran the risk of being forgotten or consigned to obscurity is here retrieved and given its rightful setting as part of a wider narrative. Many readers may appreciate, perhaps for the first time, the significance of Rolf Loeber for Irish Architectural and settlement history., This book is a fine tribute to a scholar who was truly a path-breaker and an inspiration, a person whose legacy deserves to be valued and remembered.' Arnold Horner, History Ireland (May-June, 2020).