Ingenious Ireland

A county-by-county exploration of Irish mysteries and marvels

Mary Mulvihill

Paperback €17.95
Catalogue Price: €19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84682-821-8
November 2019. 496pp; large format, illustrations

This marvellous book tells the stories of Ireland’s natural wonders, scientific discoveries and original inventions. Mary Mulvihill, a pioneer of science communication who brought stories of Irish innovation and science to life, meticulously researched the mysteries and marvels of the country and tells them here in an engaging and vivid way. Ingenious Ireland celebrates the innovation and ingenuity that has been present in Ireland for centuries: from the steam turbine to the ejector seat, from the induction coil to naming the electron. This book provides a unique and captivating history of the country, acting both as an encyclopaedia and county-by-county travel guide. This is the perfect book for fans of science, history and trivia. Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education, University College Dublin, and science communicator.

‘Mary Mulvihill hangs snippets and stories on places, and enlivens those places through the stories related to them. Geology, archaeology, sociology and technology jostle each other, producing interesting interactions … I’m delighted that this book is being reprinted and will be available again.’ Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

'Mary Mulvihill's freewheeling narrative through every county in Ireland ... Peppered with quirky snippets, esoteric and entertaining facts, her book reveals insights into the lives of trailblazing men and women, neglected subjects and underrated landscapes ... it covers a great deal of ground, commemorating achievements of pioneers in the disciplines of science, medicine, engineering, archaeology, architecture, geography and natural history ... Slivers of little-known history come to light on every page ... Within its 500 pages, space has been found for detailed maps and illustrations, a directory of centres and organisations, a bibliography and index ... this book should not be devoured at a single sitting but savoured slowly, uncovering morsels of recondite information to surprise your friends', Paul Clements, Irish Times (2020).