The Parnell split in Westmeath

The bishop and the newspaper editor

Michael Nolan

Paperback €8.95
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-719-8
August 2018. 64pp; ills.

'The Parnell split in Westmeath, in outlining the history of the conflict between the two protagonists, adds to our understanding of what happened nationally at that time and is a very useful addition to the history of the Parnellite split and its impact both locally and nationally', Joe Mooney, Ríocht na Midhe (2018). 

'This well-researched book is a discerning lens into national political events played out in local realities at a time of enormous cultural and social ferment', Gearóid Dullea, The Furrow (Feb. 2019).

'The twists and turns of the rivalry between bishop and editor are fascinating ... The author sees the rivalry between the two men as part of a wider struggle between an emergent class of educated lay leaders in Ireland', Felix Larkin, Irish Catholic (2018).