The Irish Regional Press, 1892–2018

Revival, revolution and republic

Ian Kenneally & James T. O'Donnell, editors

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July 2018. 224pp.

John Horgan

Journalism and the local newspaper industry in Sligo, 1899–1922
Mark Wehrly

Michael MacDermott-Hayes and the Westmeath Independent, 1900–20
John Burke

'All the news of interest': the Kerryman, 1904–88
Mark O'Brien

The provincial press and association football in pre-First World War Ulster
Conor Curran

James W. Upton: activist, editor and the forgotten journalist of 1916
Anthony Keating

Cork newspapermen during the Irish revolutionary period, 1914–22
Alan McCarthy

The Irish language in the regional revival press
Regina Uí Chollatáin & Aoife Whelan

The emergence of the Irish provincial press before independence
Christopher Doughan

Sourcing and covering international news in the Irish regional press, c.1892–1949
James T. O'Donnell

The response to Redmond's call to war in 1914, as reported in the regional press
Elaine Callinan

Censorship, suppression and the Irish regional press, 1916–23
Donal Ó Drisceoil

Irish regional newspapers and the internet, 1994–2004
Ian Kenneally

The changing relationship of Ireland's regional press with RTÉ, 1961–2018
Ray Burke

Corporate perspectives on Ireland's local newspaper industry since 2000
Anthony Cawley