The Irish Revolution, 1912–23

John O'Callaghan

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-742-6
September 2018. 192pp; ills

'The revolutionary decade has produced compelling books covering the social and political micro-histories of the period ... Limerick: the Irish Revolution, 1912–1923 considers the social, political and military background [in the county]', Paul Clements, Irish Times (April 2019).

'Provides the essential backdrop to our understanding of the life and times of the people of Limerick ... This book explores the background to the difficulties, rivalries and complexities of the many interwoven political, agrarian, labour andd social platforms that engulfed Limerick City and County during the revolutionary period. For anyone with Limerick connections this book is highly recommended', Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (Oct. 2018).

'O'Callaghan has provided us with a broader and more nuanced study of society and culture in revolutionary Limerick. This book provides vivid portraits of a city and county divided by class and religion, as well as wracked by political conflict ... There is no better guide to how the tumultuous events of those years impacted on Limerick than this book ... O'Callaghan paints an evocative portrait of society in Limerick on the eve of transformation ... O'Callaghan's is a fair-minded and balanced narrative ... This is quite simply a marvelous study', Brian Hanley,  Irish Literary Supplement (Fall 2019).

'O'Callaghan skilfully weaves the local into the thematic as he tracks the changing times and dramatic events between 1912 and 1923 in Limerick City and County ... excellent photos included in this book  ... The sweep of O'Callaghan's insights ... is refreshing. O'Callaghan highlights the impact of events in these years on individuals, families and communities.',  Seán Hogan, Tipperary Historical Journal.

'The ‘Irish Revolution 1912–23’ series brings together new approaches to the Irish revolutionary period ... O’Callaghan’s Limerick explores the revolutionary experiences of the people of Limerick through a diverse range of sources ... He emphasises the importance of labour disputes throughout the revolutionary period, an issue traditionally overshadowed by nationalism and republicanism in histories of the revolution ... Other aspects of Limerick’s history appear more distinctive ... O’Callaghan’s reading of the revolutionary period is subtle: he argues that, for many, this was a time of uncertainty and dislocation rather than linear improvement or decline', Anna Lively, Irish Historical Studies (Nov. 2019).