Ulidia 4

Proceedings of the fourth international conference on the Ulster Cycle of Tales

Mícheál B. Ó Mainnín & Gregory Toner, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-631-3
September 2017. 264pp; ills.

The Ulster Cycle is a jewel in the Irish literary tradition. Comprising approximately eighty distinct tales, it describes a heroic world set in Ireland’s distant past and centred on the court of Conchobar, king of Ulster, and on the pre-eminent warrior, Cú Chulainn. This collection of essays presents the most recent thinking on the Cycle including its textual tradition and the interpretation of individual tales, the coherence of the Cycle itself and its earliest attestations, its relationship to the law tracts, its political and intellectual context, and its geographical background.

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Fangzhe Qiu (MU), David Stifter (MU), Britta Irslinger (Freiburg), Tatyana A. Mikhailova (U Moscow), Joanne Findon (U Trent), Gregory Toner (QUB), Sharon Arbuthnot (QUB), Martina Maher (U Glasgow), Patricia Ronan (U Lausanne), Gerold Schneider (U Zürich), Kay Muhr (QUB), Mícheál B. Ó Mainnín (QUB).

Mícheál B. Ó Mainnín has published on the toponymy of the Ulster Cycle and is preparing a two-volume history of the place-names of Armagh. Gregory Toner is editor of the electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language, the tale Bruiden Da Choca, and Ulidia 3