The Church of Ireland and its past

history, interpretation and identity

Mark Empey, Alan Ford & Miriam Moffitt, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-637-5
July 2017. 360pp.

‘That noble dream’: objectivity and the writing of Irish church history
Alan Ford

Shaping history: James Ussher and the Church of Ireland
Alan Ford

Creating a usable past: James and Robert Ware
Mark Empey

Writing the history of the Church of Ireland in the eighteenth century
Toby Barnard

High-church history: C.R. Elrington and his edition of James Ussher’s works
Jamie Blake-Knox

Contested histories? Richard Mant’s History of the Church of Ireland and religious politics in early Victorian Belfast
Sean Farrell

J.H. Todd and the Life of St Patrick
Dáibhí Ó Cróinín

Bishop William Reeves, Adomnán, and the beginning of historical theology in Ireland
Thomas O’Loughlin

Irishness, foreignness, and national identity: apostolic succession in disestablishment historiography
James Golden

George T. Stokes and the oriental origins of Irish Christianity in the late nineteenth-century
Ruairí Cullen

W.A. Phillip’s History of the Church of Ireland (1933–4): a missed opportunity
Miriam Moffitt

Church of Ireland historians and the twelfth-century reform of the Irish church, 1850–1950
Miriam Moffitt

Journeying into a wider world? The development of the histories of the Church of Ireland since 1950
Ian D’Alton

The debate about the Irish Reformation: some reflections on twentieth-century historiography
1. Revisiting the past: reflections on ‘Why the Reformation failed in Ireland: une question mal posée
Nicholas Canny
2. Taking sides? Lingering problematics in Irish church history
Karl S. Bottigheimer
3. The Irish Reformation debate in retrospect
Steven Ellis

After Bradshaw: the debate on the Tudor Reformation in Ireland
James Murray

One church, two histories: the Jacobean and the Caroline traditions in the Church of Ireland, 1600–2000
Alan Ford

Concluding reflections
David Hayton