Schools and schooling, 1650–2000

New perspectives on the history of education – the eighth Seamus Heaney lectures

James Kelly & Susan Hegarty, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-628-3
January 2017. 208pp; ills.

This collection pursues new areas of inquiry and offers new perspectives on familiar subjects in the history of education in Ireland and Europe from the seventeenth century to the present.  These include an investigation of the emergence of educational print prior to the establishment of the national-school system; the national-school system and the Irish language; the educational formation of the revolutionary generation; the impact of the introduction in Ireland of ‘free’ second-level education in the 1960s; elite transnational education in the nineteenth century; school architecture; and the experiences of second-level education in the twentieth century as revealed through the life histories of pupils. The volume also includes an extended introduction that locates the historiography of the history of education in Ireland in its international context. These are the proceedings of the eighth Seamus Heaney lectures series, delivered at St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, in 2015.

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Contributors: James Kelly (DCU), Susan Hegarty (DCU), Nicholas Wolf (NYU), Ciaran O'Neill (TCD), David Fitzpatrick (TCD), Catherine Burke (Cambridge U), Judith Harford (UCD), Tom O'Donoghue (U of Western Australia), Audrey Bryan (DCU).

James Kelly, MRIA, is professor of history at Dublin City University. Susan Hegarty is a member of the School of History and Geography at Dublin City Universityand editor of Geographical Viewpoint.