Medieval Dublin XVI

Proceedings of Clontarf 1014–2014: national conference marking the millennium of the Battle of Clontarf

Seán Duffy, editor

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-604-7
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-603-0

July 2017. 328pp; ills.

'This volume encompasses an impressive range […] one of the best features of the book is its interdisciplinarity. It showcases how evidence from different fields and from within and beyond Ireland can cast light on one of the most famous events in Irish history. This volume, like the others of the 'Medieval Dublin' series, is an essential guide for future scholars and a springboard for much future research', Clare Downham, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies (Summer 2018). 

‘One thousand years after the Battle of Clontarf the results of the engagement continue to resonate […] Expertly edited as usual by Seán Duffy and presented in the customary format of the series, it is devoted entirely to papers presented at a conference held in 2014 on matters pertaining to the renowned battle on the northern shores of Dublin Bay […] Fans of Game of Thrones will love this stuff, even if there are no dragons', Archaeology Ireland (2017).

‘The various essays in this collection […] are hugely informative and readily accessible for the ordinary reader as each explores the subject from within their own disciplines’, Irish Genealogical Gazette (August 2017).

'[This] collection represents much depth of scholarship', Deirdre O'Sullivan, Medieval Archaeology (December 2018).

'A major conference of scholars was held in Trinity College, Dublin in April 2014 to coincide with and mark the millennium anniversary of the battle of Clontarf and the death of Brian Born. This volume publishes the majority of the academic papers delivered at the conference', North Munster Antiquarian Journal, Vol. 58, (2018).