Land and Landscape in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Úna Ni Bhromeil & Glenn Hooper

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ISBN: 978-184682-065-6
December 2008. 198 pp.

Land and landscape in the Dublin Penny Journal, 1832-3
Francesca Benatti

Popular balladry in pre-famine Ireland
Maura Cronin

Imagining the Irish landscape in novels by Maria Edgeworth and Sydney Owenson
Laura Dabundo

The picturesque, Salvator Rosa and The Wild Irish Girl
Susan Egenolf

The landscape for all - no penny-in-the-slot at the Giant's Causeway
Irene Furlong

Land and landscape in the fiction of Somerville and Ross
Andrew J. Garavel, SJ

Land agitation and issues of ownership in southern Irish loyalist propaganda
Siobhan Jones

The Irish landscape as seen by mining promoters, 1835-80
William H. Mulligan, Jr.

'Old lords of the soil': The O'Donoghue (1845) by Charles Lever
James H. Murphy

Perceptions of archaeological field monuments in nineteenth-century Ireland
Mairin Ni Cheallaigh

Landscape pictures and real debates in The Untilled Field (1903) and The Lake (1905)
Mary S. Pierse

Landscape and the Irish asylum
Oonagh Walsh

Charles Robert Maturin and the subliming of Ireland
Toni Wein