Dante and the Seven Deadly Sins

John C. Barnes & Daragh O'Connell, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-419-7
July 2017. 360pp.

Triform love: the seven deadly sins and the structure of the Commedia
Christian Moevs

Pride and Friendship: on Cavalcanti’s role in the Commedia
Angelo M. Mangini

Dante, pride and the gentle dialectic of love
John Took

Dante’s ‘Whorish Eyes’: envy at the Court of Vice
Daragh O’Connell

Anger in Inferno and Purgatorio
Hannah Skoda

The acid test of faith: Dante and the capital sin of Accidia (Sloth)
Marco Dorigatti

Dante and avarice: some historical contexts
Robert Black

Dante, avarice and the Roman dimension
Margaret More O’Ferrall

Dante’s gluttons: materiality, corporeality and the book
Guyda Armstrong

Dante’s ambivalence towards the lustful
Tristan Kay

The ‘Sin’ and ‘Sinners’ of Inferno III
George Ferzoco

Deadly sins in Dante’s autobiography
John C. Barnes