The country house and the Great War

Irish and British experiences

Terence Dooley & Christopher Ridgway, editors

Paperback €22.45
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-617-7
November 2016. 208pp; ills.

‘This volume is a useful contribution to the exploration and assessment of the impact of the First World War in the context of the country house. It is a testament to the potential afforded by archival sources, which enable researchers to give voice to a multitude of experiences’, Lorraine Bourke, Irish Arts Review (Spring 2017).

‘Explores the little known world behind the gates of the “Big House” … [an] excellent collection of essays’, Michael Merrigan, Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (February 2017).

'The stories in this volume are aimed at the general reader, but have plenty of details and colour to satisfy the specialist too, and are illustrated with a remarkable range of largely unknown images.' - Familia, Ulster Genealogical Review, ( 2017)

'The country house and the Great War makes a useful contribution to the ongoing reclamation of Ireland's Gerat War history ... This presents a nuanced look at the impact of the war on the upper classes ... In Ireland, national amnesia about the Great War kept stories like these confined to their estates. The country house and the Great War reclaims these rich and varied experiences, revealing valuable insight and context about the service of upper-class Anglo-Irish soldiers and the ways in which their families dealt with their service and sacrifices. Individuals interested in the decline of the Anglo-Irish ascendancy, the relationship between class and military service in Ireland, or the relationship between class and the period of war and revolution should find value in the essays in this volume.', Jason R. Myers, Irish Historical Studies, (May 2019).