Ourselves Alone?

Religion, society and politics in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Ireland: essays presented to S.J. Connolly

D.W. Hayton & Andrew R. Holmes, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-592-7
February 2016. 240pp.

Introduction: Contesting Irish Exceptionalism: Sean Connolly’s
Irish history
D.W. Hayton and Andrew R. Holmes

An image war: representations of monarchy in early eighteenth-century Ireland
D.W. Hayton

Swift’s Modest Proposal (1729): historical context and political purpose
L.M. Cullen

Novel Spectacle? The birth of the Whiteboys, 1761–2
David Dickson

‘Ravaging houses of ill fame’: popular riot and public sanction in eighteenth-century Ireland
James Kelly

Educating eighteenth-century Ulster
T.C. Barnard

‘So many wheels within wheels’: the 1793 Catholic relief Act revisited
Thomas Bartlett

Mary Leadbeater: modern woman and Irish Quaker
Mary O’Dowd

Migration, mission and identity: Presbyterian fundraising and the evangelization of the Irish Catholic diaspora, c.1840–70
Andrew R. Holmes

Love, loss and learning in late Georgian Belfast: the case of Eliza McCracken
Jonathan Jeffrey Wright

Ireland’s clumsy transformation from confessional state to nation state
David W. Miller

What’s in an Irish surname? Connollys and others a century ago
Cormac Ó Gráda

Bibliography of the publications of S.J. Connolly to 2014