He was Galway

Máirtín Mór McDonogh, 1860–1934

Jackie Uí Chionna

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-625-2
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November 2016. 304pp; illustrations.

‘Down at the Spanish Arch in Galway, at Wolfe Tone Bridge, there now stands a hotel, but for generations, for over 80 years right into the 1990s, that prime piece of real estate, in the most picturesque corner of the town, stood open to the skies as a fertiliser yard. It was McDonogh's. Right beside it was McDonogh's fish market. Around the corner on Merchants Road was McDonogh's general merchandise and hardware store, which was beside the harbour – which in practice the McDonoghs ran. This was all part of an even larger commercial dynasty built by Máirtín Mór McDonogh at the turn of the last century, and this local legend is now the subject of Jackie uí Chionna’s engaging biography He Was GalwayIt’s a terrific read and must be flying out the doors of Shop Street’, Joe Cully, History Ireland (March/April 2017).

‘Jackie Uí Chionna, a skilled biographer who quickly brings her subjects to life, delivers a thorough, most compelling look at the life of a man who could have settled for a life of ease, but who instead strove to improve his country – and the lot of his people – both locally and nationally', Mary McWay Seaman, The Celtic Connection (July 2017).