The Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin

Michael English

Paperback €9.95
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ISBN: 978-1-907002-29-8
October 2016. 276pp; large format, full colour.

‘The book is beautifully presented and laid out throughout … It is a truly exemplary publication: any bridge would be proud to be recorded in this manner … Overall, this is an excellent book, highly relevant to anyone with an interest in Dublin or in bridges … it’s a very attractive book, exceptionally well-illustrated, and a great example of what can be produced by people who allow their passion for a subject to drive what they do’, The Happy Pontist (March 2017).

‘This is a gorgeous book – a wonderful blend of erudite but lightly rendered text and well-chosen illustrations. The production values are of the highest as we have come to expect in this series’, Séamas Ó Maitiú, Dublin Historical Record (Autumn/Winter 2016). 

‘Looking for the ideal gift for the lover of Dublin in your life? Well, [this] recently published work on one of Dublin’s most iconic structures would delight the heart of any true Dub. The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin is a fascinating account of the history and cultural narrative of this symbol of our capital city … it’s very fitting to mark the bicentenary year of the construction of this bridge with a beautifully illustrated and well-researched work … the book is lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and paintings of the bridge, which amply emphasizes the significance of its iconography … This is a very interesting and exceptionally illustrated work – highly recommended’, Michael Merrigan, Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (December 2016).

‘As a Dubliner I was delighted to receive this book on the city’s famous metal bridge, which has now become so emblematic of the city … in recent years it has become clear that the real object of affection that symbolizes the city, both for those who live here and those who visit, is the Ha’penny Bridge, which this year celebrates its bi-centenary … This is very much a people’s bridge. It links to the two sides of the city in a graceful and pleasing way, a monument to the elegance of Georgian design, and the human scale of its execution … this [is a] magnificently illustrated book … For the “rayl ol’ Dubliner”, you know this book will make an ideal present’, Peter Costello, The Irish Catholic (December 2016).