The Irish Country House

Its past, present and future

Terence Dooley & Christopher Ridgway, editors

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HBK 2011 | PBK 2015. 268pp; colour illustrations

R.V. Comerford

Biography and the meaning of an Irish country house: William Connolly and Castletown
Patrick Walsh

An absentee family's suburban demesne: the making of Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin
Finola O'Kane

Gothic in post-Union Ireland: the uses of the past in Adare, Co. Limerick
Judith Hill

Irish landlords and the Wyndham Land Act, 1903
Patrick Cosgrove

The burning of country houses in Co. Offaly during the revolutionary period, 1920–23
Ciarán J. Reilly

'Ascendancy's ... last big jamboree': big house society in Northern Ireland, 1921–69
Olwen Purdue

'It was like a scene from the ball in Gone with the Wind': social life at Castle Hyde, 1931–88
Terence Dooley

The Music in the Irish Country House project: origins and objectives
Karol Mullaney-Dignam
Education and the historic house: where the past has a value for the future
Danielle O'Donovan & Jennifer McCrea

Making and meaning in the country house: new perspectives in England, Ireland and Scotland
Christopher Ridgway

The twilight of the ascendancy and the big house: a view from the twenty-first century
Allen Warren