John Hume

Irish peacemaker

Seán Farren & Denis Haughey, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-586-6
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November 2015. 240pp; ills.

‘This collection of essays with a foreword by Bill Clinton about John Hume’s life over four decades in politics and peace-making is a timely tribute to the principal architect of the Good Friday Agreement and the peace we now enjoy … This is a true story of a unique politician, woven from a range of perspectives, not all eulogies … Like many great civil rights leaders, such as King and Mandela, he was blessed with a tough mind and a tender heart; a true peacemaker’, Liz O'Donnell, Irish Independent (December 2015). 

‘Seán Farren and Denis Haughey have known John Hume since the early days of the SDLP … If the 212 pages of this splendid book do not provide an exhaustive review of John Hume’s exceptional career, it surely constitutes a comprehensive one. Hume emerges from these pages as the indefatigable activist that he was … a statesman who can rightfully assume his place in a triumvirate of twentieth-century Nobel Peace laureates who embraced a commitment to nonviolent political reform: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and John Hume’, Thomas Hachey, Irish Literary Supplement (Fall 2016).