The Otherworld Voyage in early Irish literature

An anthology of criticism

Jonathan Wooding editor

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-556-9
December 2014. 256pp.

Some new light on the Brendan legend
Charles Plummer

Clerical sea pilgrimages and the Imrama
William Flint Thrall

On the punishment of sending adrift
Mary E. Byrne

An apocryphal ‘Book of Enoch and Elias’ as a possible source of the Navigatio Sancti Brendani
Mario Esposito

Review of Navigatio sancti Brendani Abbatis
James Carney

The sinless Otherworld of Immram Brain
Proinsias Mac Cana

The earliest Bran material
James Carney

Two observations concerning the Navigatio Brendani
Ludwig Bieler

The social background to Irish Peregrinatio
Thomas Charles-Edwards

In the wake of the Saint: The Brendan Voyage, an epic crossing of the Atlantic by leather boat
J.J. O’Meara

The location of the Otherworld in Irish tradition
John Carey

Two approaches to the dating of Navigatio Sancti Brendani
David N. Dumville

Ireland the Antipodes: the herterodoxy of Virgil of Salzburg
John Carey

Some analogues of the Old English Seafarer from Hiberno-Latin sources
Colin A. Ireland

Contributions to a study of the voyages of St Brendan and St Malo
Séamus Mac Mathúna

Allegory in Navigatio Sancti Brendani
Dorothy Ann Bray

The role of the Cuilebad in Immram Snédgusa 7 Maic Riagla
Kevin Murray

Subversion at sea: structure, style and intent in the Immrama
Thomas Owen Clancy

Monastic voyaging and the Navigatio
Jonathan M. Wooding