Philanthropy in nineteenth-century Ireland

Laurence M. Geary & Oonagh Walsh editors

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December 2014. 256pp.

Laurence M. Geary & Oonagh Walsh

1. Self help and mutual aid

Philanthropy and poor relief before the poor law, 1801–30
Mel Cousins

‘The best relief the poor can receive is from themselves’: the Society for Promoting the Comforts of the Poor
Laurence M. Geary

Charitable loan fund societies in Ireland, c.1820–1914
Eoin McLaughlin

2. Land and Guinness

‘The monster misery of Ireland’: landlord paternalism and the 1822 famine in the West
Conor McNamara

Charity, paternalism and power on the Clonbrock Estates, County Galway, 1834–44
Kevin Mc Kenna

Pecuniary assistance for poverty and emigration: the politics of landed estate management and philanthropy in mid-nineteenth-century Ireland
Joanne McEntee

‘Guinness is good for you’: experiments in workers’ housing and public amenities by the Guinness Brewery and Guinness/Iveagh Trust, 1872–1915
Linda King

3. Women and children

‘A person of the second order’: the plight of the intellectually disabled in nineteenth-century Ireland
Oonagh Walsh

‘Saver of the children’: the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in Ireland, 1889–1921
Sarah-Anne Buckley

From lace making to social activism: the resourcefulness of campaigning women philanthropists
Mary Pierse

4. Cultural philanthropy: art and literature

Cultural philanthropy in mid-nineteenth-century Ireland
Philip McEvansoneya

Doing good and being bad in Victorian Ireland: some literary and evolutionary perspectives
John Wilson Foster