Medieval Dublin XIV

Proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin symposium 2012

Seán Duffy editor

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-499-9
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-498-2

December 2014. 312pp; ills.

‘This volume is a fitting tribute to John Bradley, containing a mix of archaeological and historical papers – one of the hallmarks of this long-running series – but particularly appropriate in this case given the blend of historical and archaeological methods and approaches that characterized Bradley’s work … This fascinating volume sheds light on the political, religious, economic and topographical history of Dublin … The editor is to be commended for this valuable addition to the Medieval Dublin series, which has, since the publication of the first volume fifteen years ago, become an indispensible companion for all those interested in Dublin’s history’, Sparky Booker, Studia Hibernica (2015).

‘Every annual symposium of the Friends of Medieval Dublin, and there have been ten since 1999, has resulted in a handsome, carefully edited and significant volume conveying current archaeological and historical research on Dublin … we must not allow familiarity dull our sense of awe or our gratitude for this publishing triumph. A list of contents for each of the first ten volumes and an alphabetical list of authors and their contributions in provided at the end of the most recent volume [Medieval Dublin X]. Citing 100 chapters from 73 authors, it offers vivid confirmation, if any was needed, of the importance of this series for Medieval Irish studies … these volumes are indispensable for any student of medieval Ireland, and medieval Dublin in particular, and that they deserve a place on the shelves both of every academic library with an Irish collection and of every serious student of the middle ages … Howard Clarke, Seán Duffy and all the editors and authors featured here will continue to bring medieval Dublin to light and to life. Is there any town in Europe at present so rich in medieval scholarship?’, Matthew Stout, Studia Hibernica (2010).

‘The Medieval Dublin series is quite a phenomenon … there is plenty for medievalists to get their teeth into. The history, archaeology, architecture and literature of the city and its hinterland (and occasionally, the entire island of Ireland) provide the subject-matter for these volumes … Several articles focus on medieval buildings in Dublin and the surrounding region, cemeteries and churches, and settlement sites … The Celtic Tiger years produced a surge of archaeological activity, much of it promptly presented and analysed in the Medieval Dublin series … there is no end, it seems, to Dublin’s historical riches’, L. Abrams, English Historical Review (2014). 

‘The papers published in the Medieval Dublin series belong to a variety of disciplines, but archaeology may be considered foremost among them … the Medieval Dublin series clearly makes an important contribution to the history of the city … The quality of the illustrations in the series has gone from strength to strength … the significance of the series lies not in individual articles but in the annual appearance of a volume of scholarly papers from a variety of disciplines, often outlining the results of very recent research, which are dedicated to the study of medieval Dublin’, Rory Sherlock, Peritia (2010).

‘The proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin symposia have been published in a run stretching back to 2001 … these fourteen volumes form a unique collection of over a hundred articles on all aspects of Dublin’s medieval past’, Michael Brown, The Journal of Irish Archaeology (2015).