Richard FitzRalph

His life, times and thought

Michael Dunne & Simon Nolan O.Carm., editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-369-5
March 2013. 224pp.

Accidents without a subject: Richard FitzRalph’s question on the Eucharist from his Lectura on the Sentences
Michael W. Dunne

The influence on FitzRalph of Bishop Grandisson of Exeter, with a critical edition of Sermons 62 and 64 of FitzRalph’s sermon diary
Michael Harren

Is it better for the king of England to be a king of England than a duke of Aquitaine? Richard FitzRalph and Adam Wodeham on whether beatific enjoyment is an act of the intellect or an act of the will
Severin V. Kitanov

Adam Wodeham and Robert Holcot as witness to FitzRalph’s thought
Katherine H. Tachau

The rhetoric of Richard FitzRalph’s Defensio curatorum
Terence Dolan

Conversion, vision and faith in the life and works of Richard FitzRalph
William O. Duba

Richard FitzRalph on the Filioque before and after his conversations with Barlaam the Calabrian
Chris Schabel

Richard FitzRalph and John Wyclif: untangling Armachanus from the Wycliffites
Stephen Lahey

De Vitoria on FitzRalph: an adequate assessment?
Graham McAleer

John Foxholes OFM Armachanus (†1474): a note on his logical treatises formerly attributed to FitzRalph
Michael W. Dunne