Nature and art in Dante

Daragh O'Connell & Jennifer Petrie, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-421-0
November 2013. 256pp.

Art, arte, artistry and the artist
Jennifer Petrie

Dante as late gothic: the artistry of colour and detail in the Commedia
Claudia Boscolo

“Quando Amor mi spira”: inspiration and art in Purgatorio
Robert Wilson

Notes on nature and art in the Earthly Paradise
Paolo De Ventura

Dante and epic: the artist as hero
Francesca Galligan

Dante’s silent ship: similes, swimming and seafaring in the Commedia
Daragh O’Connell

Divine and natural artistry in the Commedia
Simon A. Gilson

Art and nature put to scorn: on the sacramental in Purgatorio
Matthew Treherne

Reason, poetry and theology: “vernacularity” in Dante and Aquinas
Denys Turner