Irish elites in the nineteenth century

Ciaran O'Neill, editor

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March 2013. 280pp.

Ciaran O’Neill

Elites and the built environment

Architectures of gentility in nineteenth-century Ireland
Andrew Tierney

Building Victorian Dublin: Meade & Son and the expansion of the city
Susan Galavan

Rethinking the landed estate

Elites, ritual and the legitimation of power on an Irish landed estate, 1855–90
Kevin Mc Kenna

Assuming control: elite women as household managers in late nineteenth-century Ireland
Maeve O’Riordan

‘Gentlemen practisers’: solicitors as elites in mid-nineteenth-century Irish landed society
Joanne McEntee

‘The most perfect specimen of civilised nature’: the Shannon Estuary Group – elite theory and practice
Matthew Potter

Double helix: two elites in politics and journalism in Ireland, 1870–1918
Felix M. Larkin

The three Fs – founders, fellowship and finance: the influence of book club members on Belfast’s civic identity in the nineteenth century
Pamela Emerson

The Big House at play: archery as an elite pursuit from the 1830s to the 1870s
Brian Griffin

Writing the decline

The ruins of Youghal: Canon Samuel Hayman, antiquarianism and the decline of the Irish Anglican ascendancy
Patrick Maume

Lady Gregory’s fans: the Irish Protestant landed class and negotiations of power
Anna Pilz

Exporting Irish elites

A diasporic elite – the emergence of an Irish middle class in nineteenth-century Manchester
Neil Smith & Mervyn Busteed

Men who did not exist? Irish tourists and the definition of a national elite
Raphaél Ingelbien

A new role for Irish Anglicans in the later nineteenth century: the HCMS and imperial opportunity
Timothy G. McMahon

Visual parody and political commentary: John Doyle and Daniel O’Connell
Fintan Cullen

‘A rara avis’: Jeremiah Jordan, Methodist and Nationalist MP
Nicola K. Morris

Revisiting Blocked Mobility

The Irish revival, elite competition and the First World War
John Hutchinson