The Vestry Records of the Parish of St Audoen, Dublin, 1636–1702

Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha, editor

Hardback €49.50
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-376-3
November 2012. 192pp.

'Maighréad Ní Mhurchada has managed to recreate vividly the life and workings of the Dublin parish of St Audoen … she has produced a valuable resource for future historians by forensically piecing together such material as is available relating to this parish of central Dublin. Her scholarship extends beyond the mere reproduction of material as she cross-references episodes and personalities with the other works relating to the history of seventeenth-century Dublin. Her comprehensive understanding of the period has enabled her to reassemble the vestry records from various sources, to clearly explain the relevance of the contents and to contextualize their contents for the reader’, Miriam Moffit, Archives & Records (Spring 2014).

‘A gem for the genealogical and local historian alike … Dr Ní Mhurchadha has provided us with an excellent insight into the operation of the parish administration of the established church in Ireland … the sixth volume in a series, this volume also provides invaluable access to important archival material which allows researchers to examine the social and ecclesiastical life in Dublin parishes from the mid-17th to the mid-18th century … Undoubtedly in this volume Ní Mhurchadha has provided the local and social historian with an overview of a much overlooked resource … this volume is highly recommended', Michael Merrigan, Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (February 2013).

‘The records give an interesting insight into the social mix of the parish, the activities of the parishioners and social life in Dublin in this period. The editor provides a useful introductory essay on the history of St Audoen’s and the contents of the records', Books Ireland (March 2013).

‘Vestry records are wonderful sources of historical information throwing light on everyday parish life during a particular era … The church of St Audoen in Cornmarket is the oldest surviving parish church in Dublin City, being built about the year 1190 … we owe a debt of gratitude to the editor for making this information available', Church Review (2013).

‘The value of this volume lies not only in the recovery of the vestry book, but in Maighréad Ní Mhurchada’s scholarly introduction. Here she offers a very clear introduction to the structures and operation of the vestry, but also some glimpses from the vestry book and other sources into the world of clerics and parishioners living in St Audeon parish in the 17th century. Vestry records are wonderful sources of historical information throwing light on everyday parish life. In the case of St Audeon’s they provide us with perspectives on much of the period when the Stuarts rose and fell in Irish and British history … The vestry records are also a hidden gem for the genealogist and local historian who want to see what the “menu people” were doing in seventeenth-century Dublin … This is the sort of source that will excite those interested in the day-to-day life of the capital rather than the high politics going on around people at this time – these rarely feature', Eoin Magennis, Seanchas Ard Mhaca (2013).