Transmission and generation in medieval and Renaissance literature

Essays in honour of John Scattergood

Karen Hodder & Brendan O'Connell, editors

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September 2012. 156pp.

Reshaping tradition: the originality of the Scyld Seefing episode in Beowulf
Francis Leneghan

Three twelfth-century kings and their successors in some Middle English chronicles
Erik Kooper

Culture and dispute in Dialogus de Scaccario
Brendan O’Connell

The Parlement of the Thre Ages: Age, argument and allegory
Darragh Greene

Reinterpreting the later life of Isabelle of France (c.1295–1358)
Niamh Pattwell

The Franklin’s Tale: the Generous Father and the Spendthrift Son
Clíodhna Carney

The heterodoxy of Sir John Clanvowe’s The Two Ways
Frances McCormack

Shakespeare, Thomas More and the princes in the tower
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

The ‘English Brut Tradition’ in an Irish and Welsh context
John J. Thompson

Wordsworth and Chaucer’s Manciple’s Tale
Karen Hodder