Thomas Aquinas: teacher and scholar

The Aquinas lectures at Maynooth, volume 2: 2002–2010

James McEvoy, Michael Dunne & Julia Hynes, editors

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March 2012. 260pp.

Michael W. Dunne and Julia Hynes

Fr James McEvoy: a personal tribute
Hugh O’Neill

Aquinas on the Eucharist: an ecumenical reading (2002)
Liam G. Walsh

Exceeding virtue: Aquinas and the Beatitudes (2003)
William Desmond

Sacra pagina or scientia divina? Peter Lombard, Thomas Aquinas and the nature of the theological project (2004)
Philipp W. Rosemann

Aquinas’ lost Roman commentary: an historical detective story (2006)
John F. Boyle

The meaning of being in Thomas Aquinas and Edith Stein (2007)
Sarah Borden Sharkey

The problem of suffering (2008)
Eleonore Stump

Does God think? Recent work on Aquinas’ doctrine of divine ideas (2009)
Vivian Boland

Aquinas the teacher (2010)
Denys Turner

Ecstasy and the intellectual Dionysianism of Thomas Aquinas and Albert the Great
Declan Lawell

Virtue theory: a defence against consequentialism and deontology in the medical ethical arena
Julia Hynes

Ontological commitment and Thomistic realism
Gaven Kerr

Heidegger on Aquinas on God: Gesamtausgabe 23, Erster Abschnitt
Thomas A.F. Kelly

Appendix: Table of contents of the Maynooth Aquinas Lectures, vol. 1: Thomas Aquinas: approaches to truth (2002)
Index of ancient, biblical, patristic, medieval and Renaissance names
Index of modern names