The Boyne Currach

From beneath the shadows of Newgrange

Claidhbh Ó Gibne

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-379-4
November 2012. 168pp; colour ills. throughout.

‘[This] book is a lyrical tribute but also a practical how-to manual. It is both enthusiastic speculation and academic treatise. It is informed by both the written record and oral tradition. The combinations are delightful … Ó Givne writes quite lovingly of the Boyne … the book includes a fine recounting of written and archaeological evidence for hide-covered boats … Interspersed with the written records are direct personal observations, plus the memories and tales of local people … Many people, whether landsmen or sailors, have encountered images of currachs at some point in life. The boat is an icon of Irish folklore. Thanks to Ó Gibne, we can learn in an engaging manner a great deal about what it is we’ve been seeing, and what it means', Tom Jackson, EXARC journal (Spring 2013).

‘This book is a fascinating read on the story of the Boyne currach, supported by drawings and photographs that bring this ancient craft to life on every page', Gillian Mills, Inshore Ireland (December 2012).

‘At last a book that covers in detail the construction and uses of what we know as “The Boyne Currach or Coracle” … Devoting his life to seeking the authentic traditional materials, tools and building methods, [Ó Gibne] shows in great detail how to build and use them … Copiously illustrated with rare and modern photos from many sources and beautifully accurate sketches and drawings by the author himself makes every page a joy to behold', Charley McCarthy, CLAHJ (2013).

‘This book is a real good read; it is interesting, very informative and extremely well researched and beautifully illustrated. Apart from telling the story of the Boyne navigation, this narrative is a fascinating history of early civilisation in Ireland. Claidhbh’s love of his native Boyne valley is infectious … Claidhbh’s immense knowledge of the subject is impressive', Brian Cassells, Inland Waterway News (Spring 2013).

‘One of the most outstanding publications ever on the history of the Boyne Currach, The Boyne Currach tells the fascinating story of a remarkable vessel with prehistoric origins and not only does it feature a wealth of local information but contains stories from around the globe. Claidhbh has an incredible love of the Boyne and it clearly shows in his writing … there’s enough instruction [in the book] for the enthusiast to build their own currach and set sail … the imagery is superb, colour and black and white images throughout, and it details the people who used them down the centuries', Hubert Murphy, Drogheda Independent (November 2012).