Irish classrooms and British Empire

Imperial contexts in the origins of modern education

David Dickson, Justyna Pyz & Christopher Shepard, editors

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November 2012. 252pp.

National education and empire: Ireland and the geography of the national education system
Kevin Lougheed

Harriet Martineu: empire, Irish education and ‘the old theological trouble’
Deborah A. Logan

Learning from the landlord? Primary education on the great estates in mid-nineteenth-century Ireland
Joanne McEntee

Representations of self and the colonial ‘other’ in the Irish national school books
Katrina Morgan

‘Paltry abridgments’: school texts and teaching history in nineteenth-century India and Ireland
Patrick Walsh

The Irish hedge schoolmaster in the American backcountry
Greg Koos

‘Bulwark of the nations’: Paul Cullen, the Christian Brothers and the evangelization of an Irish empire
Dáire Keogh

Education, imperial careers and the Irish Catholic elite in the nineteenth century
Ciaran O’Neill

Irish Jesuit education and imperial ideals
Timothy G. McMahon

St Columba’s College: an Irish school in the age of empire
Justyna Pyz

Days so good in themselves: Campbell College and the lure of empire
Keith Haines

‘Not a duffer among them’? The Colonial Mission of the Irish Presbyterian Church, 1848–1900
Sarah Roddy

The ‘battlefield of the schoolroom’: Irish children and Ireland’s spiritual empire
Fiona Bateman

Cramming, instrumentality and the education of Irish imperial elites
Christopher Shepard

1857 and 1908: two moments in the transformation of Irish universities
David Dickson

Nationalism from the pulpit: Revd Michael O’Hickey, Irish education and the Gaelic ideal
Cathal McManus

Language, education and empire: the stuggle to place Hebrew and Irish in higher education within the Ottoman and British empires
Kevin Barry

Irish law graduates, the colonial legal services and the Cyprus Emergency, 1955–9
Helen O’Shea