Economy, trade and Irish merchants at home and abroad, 1600–1988

Louis Cullen

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April 2012. 320pp.

1. Irish economic history: fact and myth

2. The social and cultural modernization of rural Ireland, 1600–1900

3. Wages and comparative development in Ireland and Scotland, 1565–1780

4. Malthus, Ireland and famine

5. Wealth, wills and inheritance, 1700–1900

6. Humphrey O’Sullivan’s Callan: before and after

7. Colonial and exotic products: their place and role in Irish economy and society

8. Smugglers in the Irish Sea in the eighteenth century

9. Richard Warren, Andrew Gallwey and the smugglers of Rush: an entrepot in Belle-Île-en-mer, 1766–70

10. Ireland and Irishmen in eighteenth-century privateering

11. Galway merchants in the outside world, 1650–1800

12. The Dublin merchant community in the eighteenth century

13. 1000 years of finance. Dublin’s financial history: the birth of modern finance

14. Politics and institutions, 1731–1835

15. Dominicans in the eighteenth-century Irish church

16. The pound – from harp to snake

17. Trends
      i. In the Black: Ireland’s merchandise trade structure in transition
      ii. Rising tide: world recovery ended with Ireland’s last bad recession
      iii. Banking bygones: recent echoes of past problems
      iv. Boom and doom: resolving the crises of the 1950s and 1980s

18. Luthy’s La banquet protestante: a reassessment

19. The Scottish exchange on London, 1673–1778