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The Royal Irish Constabulary
256pp; ills. 1997, 2000, 2013
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The Royal Irish Constabulary

A short history & genealogical guide with a select list of medals and casualties

Jim Herlihy foreword by Kevin B. Nowlan

For anyone interested in the origins of the RIC or its history, plus those interested in finding information on their relatives that served with the force, this book should be a starting point.

In the period 1816 to 1922 some 85,000 men served in the RIC and its predecessor force. Information on all these policemen is available, constituting a quarry for descendants in Ireland, USA, Australia, Britain and elsewhere.

This book consists of substantial chapters detailing:  

1. A history of policing in Ireland (to illustrate the type of men in the Force, their background and lifestyle etc.)

2. 'Tracing your ancestors in the RIC'

Additionally, there are useful appendices that point the way to the RIC lists as a genealogical source. These appendices include a select list giving names of men who were casualties in 1916-22, men who volunteered for and joined the British Army in WW1, and men who were awarded the Constabulary Medal, the King's Police Medal, as well as those who joined the Garda Síochána after they were disbanded from the RIC.

Jim Herlihy, a member of the Garda Síochána, is the author of several books on policing in Ireland that are published by Four Courts Press including The Royal Irish Constabulary: A Complete Alphapetical List of Officers and Men, 1816-1922 (1998) and The Dublin Metropolitan Police: A Short History and Genealogical Guide (2000).

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