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The Exercise of Power in Medieval Scotland, 1200-1500
240pp. 2003
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The Exercise of Power in Medieval Scotland, 1200-1500

Steve Boardman & Alasdair Ross, editors


R.A. McDonald (Brock U) Ferchar Maccintsacairt and the early earls of Ross, 1200-74
R. Oram (U Stirling) The earls and earldom of Mar 1150-1300
H.L. MacQueen (U Edinburgh) The Kennedys of Dunure
S. Boardman (U Edinburgh) Charter lordship and the Campbells of Argyll
Aidan MacDonald (U Aberdeen) The Dunbar earls of March
Aidan Ross (U Aberdeen) The lords and lordship of Glencarnie, 1150-1400
M. Hammond (U Glasgow) The Durward family in the thirteenth century
Aidan MacKenzie, (U Aberdeen) The emergence of Clann Choinnich, 1475-1514
D. Horsbroch (U Aberdeen) The relic keeper in medieval Scotland
M. Brown (U St Andrews) The Lennox and its earls, 1200-1458
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