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The Irish in Victorian Britain
256pp. 1999
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The Irish in Victorian Britain

The local dimension

Roger Swift & Sheridan Gilley, editors


The famine Irish in South Wales:
Paul O'Leary
(University of Wales, Aberystwyth)

The Irish in early Victorian Birmingham:
Carl Chinn
(University of Birmingham)

The Irish in the North East:
Frank Neal
(University of Salford)

Irish employment in East Cheshire, 1841-61:
John Williams
(University College Chester)

Catholic education in Victorian Hull:
Marie McClelland
(University of Hull)

The Irish poor in mid-19th-century London:
Jacqueline Turton
(University College, Chester)

Migration, 'community' or integration: Irish families in Victorian Stafford:
John Herson
(Liverpool John Moores University)

The Irish middle-class in Victorian Liverpool:
John Belchem
(University of Liverpool)

The Brotherhood of St Patrick in 19th-century Lancashire:
Gerard Moran
(European School, Oxford)

Irish immigrants in Cornwall: the Camborne experience, 1861-82:
Louise Miskell
(University of Dundee)

Religion, class and Irish identity in the late-19th century:
Mary Hickman
(University of North London)

The Gaelic revival in London, 1900-22:
John Hutchinson (Griffith University)& Alan O'Day (University of North London)

Catholicism, community and change in Liverpool's docklands:
Frank Boyce
(University of Liverpool).

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