Binneas thar Meon I

A collection of songs and airs made by Liam de Noraidh in east Munster

Dáithí Ó hÓgáin editor

Hardback €31.50
Catalogue Price: €35.00
ISBN: 978-0-90642-615-9
April 1994. 270pp.

Liam de Noraidh made a large collection of songs and airs in Munster, under the auspices of the Irish Folklore Commission between the years 1940 and 1947. The materials garnered by him from the eastern part of the province, together with copious notes, are published here as Volume I of that collection. Scholars in the fields of folk music, folklore, and language will fine much to interest them in this book, and it will be equally welcomed by all lovers of Irish music, song and tradition.

Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann (The Folklore of Ireland Council), instituted in 1972, consists of ten members appointed by the President of University College Dublin, four of whom are nominated by the Minister for Education. The Professor of Irish Folklore and the President of An Cumann le Béaloideas Éireann (The Folklore of Ireland Society) are permanent members of the Board. The functions of the Council include arranging for the cataloguing, editing and publication of material from the collections deposited, or to be deposited, in the Dept. of Irish Folklore, UCD and to arrange for appropriate access to, and use of, this material.

Binneas thar Meon I