On the edge of the Pale

The rise and declnie of an Anglo-Irish community in County Meath, 1170–1530

Linda Clare

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-004-5
August 2006. 64pp.

The area around Syddan, Co. Meath was the flashpoint between two civilizations – the Gael and the Gaill – in late medieval times. This territory became well known, as it was on the border of the Pale, where the forces of the northern Irish came face to face with the Anglo-Normans.

Combining an invaluable richness of sources, particularly the Dowdall deeds, Linda Clare has succeed in recreating a world full of action and characters, while exploring their values and the pressures under which they lived. It is interesting to discover that the communities in the northern borders of the Pale retained their identities for so much longer than elsewhere.

On the edge of the Pale