Aquitaine and Ireland in the Middle Ages

Jean-Michel Picard, editor

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ISBN: 1-85182-135-X
December 1994. 272pp.

Evidence found in classical and medieval sources suggests important contacts between south-west France and Ireland, both commercial and cultural, long before the modern period. Far from being an impediment to cultural and commercial relations, the Atlantic Ocean was seen as an internal Celtic sea linking the people of Britain, Ireland, Gaul and Spain. This collection of essays (nine in French; six in English) analyses the evidence of the historical and socio-cultural relations between Ireland and the Aquitaine region in the light of modern research in the fields of archaeology, history, folklore, linguistics and literature. It covers from the 6th to the 14th century and the geographical area of Ireland, the Irish foundations in the British Isles and the province of Aquitaine.

Jean-Michel Picard lectures in modern and medieval French at University College, Dublin.