A Viking-age settlement in Co. Waterford

Ian Russell & Maurice F. Hurley, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-536-1
October 2014. 440pp; large format, colour ills.

'The discovery of Woodstown is a milestone in European Viking archaeology and is arguably the most important individual discovery coming from the Irish 'construction boom' of the 2000–10 decade', David Griffiths, Oxford University.

The identification of a 9th-century Viking settlement at Woodstown, on the south bank of the River Suir, 9km upstream from Waterford City’s Viking Triangle, has significant implications for our understanding of the earliest phases of Viking raiding in Ireland and the establishment of their settlements on the island. Occupation at Woodstown encompassed domestic, industrial and craftworking activities and it was also an important centre for trade and exchange with abundant evidence of an on-site trading economy. The site is also notable for the presence of one of the most richly furnished Viking warrior burials in Ireland or Britain, the contents of which are now on display at Treasures of Viking Waterford in Reginald's Tower. This monograph is the definitive report on the archaeological excavations undertaken at Woodstown, as it draws together all the existing evidence from the site and places it in its national and international context.

Ian Russell studied archaeology at University College Dublin and was formerly a senior archaeologist with Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd. He directed the excavations at Woodstown. Maurice F. Hurley is a former City Archaeologist with Waterford and Cork city councils. He directed the major programme of urban excavations in Waterford city in the 1980s and has written extensively on aspects of urban life in medieval Ireland.