The life and times of Sir Frederick Hamilton, 1590–1647

Dominic Rooney

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-396-1
July 2013. 288pp; colour ills.

‘The range of primary sources used is impressive – thirteen repositories are listed, In Ireland, England, Scotland and Sweden … Written in an engaging style, the book provides sufficient background to sustain interest and render intelligible the various phases of the subject’s career … Maps related to Hamilton’s activities in Leitrim, north Germany and Scotland aid comprehension, and the work is enriched by fine photo reproductions. Thus a study of Hamilton emerges which does justice to his career in its various settings …In the range of primary sources used, and in the attention given to the various contexts (political, social and military), this book offers a comprehensive portrait of a dynamic and forceful figure in early Stuart Ireland’, Brian Mac Cuarta SJ, Irish Economic & Social History (2015). 

‘Dominic Rooney has written a biography of Frederick Hamilton which manages to be even handed and accessible without sacrificing any academic quality or integrity … This is a well presented and laid out book, obviously a labour of love written over many years. This book is required reading for anyone interested in early seventeenth-century Ireland and especially for those who wish to learn more about the plantation in 1620s Leitrim as well as the course of the 1641 rising there', Brendan Scott, Breifne (2014).

‘This work is about the times as much as it is about the man … The book skilfully weaves these two threads together so we are left with a strong understanding of Hamilton and the world in which he operated … Because of his relative importance to the various episodes he found himself involved in, chapters on Hamilton in Ireland are amongst the most insightful … this book has some excellent colour photographs of relevant locations and portraits of the main protagonists, along with some useful maps … [this book is] a worthwhile and welcome building block to a more complete understanding of Sir Frederick Hamilton, but also to the wars and planter society in the northwest. [Rooney] has an understanding of the man and his times and does an admirable job in encapsulating these’, Coleman Dennehy, Irish Historical Studies (November 2014)

‘[This book] deserves to be read by anyone who wants to get a little closer to the roots of who we are … [Sir Frederick Hamilton’s] best legacy is the story told in this exceptionally well-researched book', David Burke, Tuam Herald (September 2013).

‘An exceptionally well researched book by a Leitrim native with a lifelong interest in local history … Rooney’s research details the complexities of the relationship between the planter and the native Irish during the plantation of Leitrim in 1620 … [his] account of this period is detailed [but] still very accessible to the general reader … Rooney deals not only with the life and times of this enigmatic individual, but also with his legacy in Co. Leitrim and especially, in the Manorhamilton area, right up to the present. Excellent!', Michael Merrigan, Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (November 2013).

'Dominic Rooney’s biography of Sir Frederick Hamilton is a very enjoyable study of an important ‘local hero’ - or villain, according to taste - of 17th century Ireland.  The research is impressive, covering in detail the whole of Sir Frederick’s extraordinarily active career, as a colonist, courtier and military commander, located principally in Ireland but with key episodes in England, Scotland, Germany and the Baltic States.  Sir Frederick is depicted ‘warts and all’, with his faults and virtues presented with admirable impartiality.  The book is a pleasure to read, with well-chosen illustrations, maps and family trees.   It will interest and entertain students of a wide range of subjects, including 17th century Ireland, the Thirty Years War, the Civil Wars of the 1640s and the great Hamilton dynasty', Alexander Forbes.