Benedict XVI and the Roman Missal

Janet E. Rutherford & James O'Brien editors

Hardback €27.00
Catalogue Price: €30.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-371-8
June 2013. 320pp.

‘What I find especially impressive is the integration here between liturgy and music of the liturgy. It really isn’t possible to speak complete of one without a thorough consideration of the other', Jeffrey Tucker, New Liturgical Movement (June 2013).

‘Vincent Twomey SVD opens the book with a balanced and erudite summary of word and rite in Ratzinger’s sacramental theology … Janet Rutherford deals with the so-called “Anglican Patrimony”, providing a readable and even entertaining summary of Anglican liturgical history … there is much good liturgical research and food for thought in this book', Gregory Collins OSB, The Furrow (2013).